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Building Wash At Large School In Fort Worth, TX

Building Wash At Large School In Fort Worth, TX

On Thursday before the recent Spring Break Holiday, we received a call from the Facilities Manager at Southwest Christian School in Fort Worth. He said that they needed one of the large buildings on their campus cleaned during the Spring Break. He asked if Focus PowerWash could help. Our Management Team met the customer at the school the next morning to view the property and assess the scope of the project. The Team worked with the customer to put together a schedule and a plan to clean the building and surrounding walkways during the break.

On Monday morning the Focus PowerWash Team arrived and immediately began tackling the project. The first task was to wash the 4+ story glass atrium that is the centerpiece of the building. With no fear of heights, one of the team members got up on the scissor lift and used their high-pressure hose system to reach the tall windows and peak of the building. Once this part of the project was complete, the team moved on to cleaning the eaves of the building. There were quite a few cobwebs that had accumulated that needed to be removed. Using their soft-wash system to spray an eco-friendly solution on the eaves, the team was able to easily wash all of the cobwebs away. Now it was on to cleaning the sides of the building and large 2nd story patio areas. Including all of the outdoor tables and chairs. Due to its proximity to the lake, there was a substantial amount of bug marks on the side of the building and on the patios. Again, using the same soft-wash system and eco-friendly solution, the team was able to remove all of the dirt and bug marks. The result was a sparkling clean building that looked as good as new. Finally, the team moved on cleaning the walkways surrounding the building. Using their large surface cleaning machine and hot water pressure system, the team was able to fully clean all of the walkways. This included removing the grease tracks coming out of the kitchen door, as well as the chewing gum on the ground near the main entrance doors.

The customer was extremely pleased with the final results and committed to having Focus PowerWash come back during the summer to clean several other buildings at the school.

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