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Large Construction Clean-Up Project In Frisco, TX

On a recent Friday afternoon, we received a call from a potential customer. They were contracted to handle the construction clean-up of a large building project in Frisco, TX. The project was the construction of Medical City Frisco. The builder was scheduled to paint the fire lanes of the 90,000+ sq ft parking lot on Sunday. This needed to be done prior to the Fire Marshal inspection and partial opening on Monday. The customer asked if we could be on-site Saturday morning (the next day) to clear and clean the 30,000 sq ft fire lane. Focus PowerWash was up-to the-task and didn’t hesitate to commit to the customer that they would be there the next morning to handle the project. The wheels were set in motion!

Early Saturday morning the team from Focus PowerWash arrived at the site to begin the work. They quickly found that this wasn’t going to be the usual pressure washing of a concrete parking lot. The parking lot and fire lanes were partially filled with construction equipment, not to mention a several inches thick layer of dirt and mud. The Focus PowerWash Team immediately began coordinating with the construction crew to move the equipment from the fire lane. Once this was done, the next task was to begin removing the layers of dirt. The team used the construction water truck that was onsite to begin pushing the large amount of dirt and debris from the lanes. Once the initial washing had been done using the water truck, the team used their high-pressure system to remove the next layer of dirt and debris. The next step was for the team to utilize their large surface cleaning machine to deeply clean and remove the dirt and tire marks that were on the concrete. Finally, the team was able to utilize their high-pressure wands to wash away the final layer of dirt and leave the concrete with a like-new finish that was ready to be painted with the fire lanes. The construction company painted the fire lanes on Sunday and was able to open the Medical Center for limited use on Monday morning after the successful inspection and approval by the Fire Marshal.

Phase One of the parking lot cleaning was a success!!! But the project was not complete. The contractor called on Focus PowerWash to come back out to the project to clean the remaining 60,000 sq ft of parking lot. The Focus Team used the same 4-step process as they had done previously. Initial clearing/cleaning with the construction water truck, use of high-pressure system to remove the next layer of dirt, surface cleaning machine to provide the deep clean/scrub, and finally high-pressure wands to provide the finishing touch. The project was now complete and the contractor was able to paint the parking lines the following day with full opening of the Medical Center a few days later.

There was an occasion on this project when the Focus Team seemed like they were taking one step forward and 2 steps back. Just as they had finished cleaning, a medivac helicopter arrived and proceeded to blow dirt and mulch on to a large section of the parking lot. Unphased, the team used their high-pressure system and wands to clean and remove the mess that had been made.

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