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House Washing of Large Manor in Westlake (Vaquero), TX

House Washing of Large Manor in Westlake (Vaquero), TX

Our customer was renovating their home in Westlake (Vaquero) and they called on Focus PowerWash to clean the exterior of the property. Over the last few years, the house had accumulated a substantial amount of organic growth (mold), as well as red clay stains. The driveway, large patio and pool deck also had quite a buildup of dirt, stains and organic growth. The professional team at Focus PowerWash was definitely ready, willing and able to take on this project.

We started by tackling the house cleaning. We began by using our soft wash system to apply an environmentally friendly solution on the house to help break down and kill the organic growth. We then applied a separate solution to dissolve the red clay stains. After allowing the solutions time to dwell and do their magic, we then used our pressure wash system to fully clean and rinse the entire house. The organic growth and red clay stains simply washed away.

Next, we moved on to cleaning the large patio and pool deck. It had been quite some time since either had been professionally cleaned, and by did it show. There was a significant amount of dirt and grime that had built up. We begin by using our soft wash system to coat the entire patio and deck with a pre-treatment solution. We followed this up by using our high-pressure, hot water (200+ degrees) surface cleaning machine to fully clean and remove all of the dirt and grime.

And finally, we tackled the large driveway. Just as with the house, there was a substantial amount of organic growth, particularly in the areas that had limited exposure to the sun. As usual, we pre-treated the surface with an environmentally solution and then used our high-pressure surface cleaning machine to thoroughly clean the entire driveway.

The homeowner was extremely pleased with the results. They commented that they never thought that the red clay stains would come off the house. And they added that they were looking forward to entertaining their family and friends in the “like new” patio and pool area.


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